Built in 1655, Lindesnes Lighthouse is Norway’s oldest lighthouse. It lies on the southernmost tip of the Norwegian mainland – 2,518 kilometers from the north cape. The lighthouse has been designated a national lighthouse museum, and hosts various exhibitions relating to the development and history of lighthouses, maritime culture and so on. From the top of the lighthouse, you have an amazing view over the coastal landscape. For this excursion you will have a private driver taking you the approximate 1,5 hours each way. Arriving at the south cape you will be greeted by the lighthouse host. You will join your guide for a tour through the museum and up to the top of the lighthouse, for those who wish to climb the stairs! The south cape is unique and beautiful in both sunny and stormy weather. Visitors to the south cape very often get a dramatic feeling of the forces of the weather and its implication on nature. Enjoy the spectacular views over the ocean and the waves smashing against the rocks below. Before getting back to your transport, there is possible to have a lunch in the area (optional). It’s then time to head back towards Kristiansand. This time partially by coastal road, passing idyllic summerhouses and scenic views so typical for southern Norway.


Group price for up to 7 people

DEPARTURE/RETURN LOCATION Location of your choice in Kristiansand
Guide Private transfer


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